Medical Practitioner

We protect public health and safety by requiring all doctors to meet our standards before they can practise medicine in Malaysia.

1. Pursuant to the Medical Act 1971, you are required to register with the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) to practice medicine in Malaysia;

2. You will eligible for a Certificate or Letter of Good Standing (LOGS) ONLY if you fulfill ALL of the following conditions:

2.1 You are registered with the MMC;

2.2 Your name is still borne in the Malaysian Medical Register (section 11 of the Act);

2.3 There is NO disciplinary action pending against you under the Act;

2.4 There is NO disciplinary action taken against you under the Act; AND

2.5 You have NOT committed any offence against the Act;

3. The Council will NOT process any LOGS if:

3.1 For its own use;or

3.2 For application to register with the MMC; or

3.3 To practice in Malaysia

4. To apply for the LOGS and certificated translation, you should:

4.1 complete the application form enclosed herewith;

4.2 complete all mandatory fields marked *;

4.3 fill in the form with BLOCK LETTERS (preferably type-written); and

4.4 submit supporting documents, where applicable.

5. Completed application should be submitted to:

The Secretary,

Malaysian Medical Council,

Block B, Ground Floor,

Jalan Cenderasari,


6. Application can be submitted in person or via post, fax or e-mail.

7. Upon receipt, you will be promptly notified.

8. You are strongly advised to respond immediately to our notification for any shortcomings, if any.

9. You are advised to keep a copy of the application submitted for your own reference;

10. The application will only be processed within 2 (TWO) weeks after receiving the complete documents or 2 weeks before the date that stated in the application form (para 3.1) whichever comes later;

11. The Council will ONLY send the LOGS(s) directly to foreign Medical Council(s) or Professional Licensing Authority (ies). Please state clearly the address (es) where it should be posted. You will be notified with relevant copy (ies) once it is sent.

12. The LOGS will be sent to you via airmail. Nevertheless, If you want it to be sent through express mail or courier service, please liaise directly with the courier agency for collection. Please take note that the courier fees are under your expenses.

13. Some foreign Medical Council(s) or Professional Licensing Authority (ies) forbid practitioners submitting their LOGS personally. However, if you insist to hand it personally, please contact us. If you want someone to collect on your behalf, he needs to produce a Letter of Authorization during collection.

14. Each LOGS is only valid for a period of not more than THREE MONTHS from the date of issuance. You are strongly advised to ensure WHEN you need the LOGS and to submit your application accordingly.

15. ALL documents attached should be certified according to the Guideline for Document Verification.

16. For translation of Anual Practicing Certificate (APC) , MMC will only provide the translation for the previous 3 years from the current APC.

17. If your printed names in any of the documents submitted differ, please submit a Statutory Declaration;

18. If the original documents are not in either Bahasa Malaysia or English, you need to submit translated versions in either Bahasa Malaysia or English along with certified copies of the document in its original language. Translated documents are only acceptable if carried out by qualified translators or officers of appropriate embassy.

19. Please contact us if you; a. Do not hear from us two weeks after the application was submitted ; b. Do not hear from us after processing period is over; and/or c. Require any assistance or have any questions.


Letter of Good Standing - Guide & Forms

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