Medical Education

We protect public health and safety by requiring all doctors to meet our standards before they can practise medicine in Malaysia.

In pursuant to the Medical Act 1971, medical graduates are required to register with the Malaysian Medical Council to practice medicine in Malaysia. For medical graduates who hold basic medical degree from institution not listed in the Second Schedule, Medical Act 1971, he or she will be required to sit and pass the Examination for Provisional Registration (EPR). This is in accordance with the Section 12(1)(aa) of the Medical Act 1971.

Procedure for the EPR is prescribed in the Medical (Setting of Examination for Provisional Registration) Regulations 2015 enacted under the Medical Act 1971. There are two components to the EPR; the Theory Component and the Clinical Component. Upon successfully passing both components of the EPR, you can then apply for Provisional Registration.

The EPR will be held two (2) times a year and the dates will be announced in MMC website. Theory component will be held in March and September of the year and the Clinical component will be held one (1) month after the theory component.

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Examination for Provisional Registration (EPR)